How it works and what's the problem
Ethereum tokens are not built into its blockchain. Those are smart contracts that can be written as you wish. Therefore, except of the smart contracts owner, it's really hard to detect the information inside such tokens.

Because there is no public independent third-party viewer, it makes a serious obstacle in popularization of Ethereum based tokens. Such viewer could display the issuance history, description, and other token and blockchain attributes publicly available.

Ethplorer is one of the solutions for this problem. It display the information about Ethereum tokens from its blockchain not only for developers, but for public.

EIP20 protocol has been accepted by Ethereum community and became the first standard protocol for token creation and development (ERC20). However, many tokens, including well known DAO and Digix were created before final version of EIP20, and they were made with a few modifications that prevent them to be read them correctly.

We will be adding additional functionality to support the display process of those tokens. Including the addition of ABI for contracts which creators would provide them to us.

So, if your token is shown incorrectly and you want fix that in Ethplorer, please let us know.

Considering the above, keep in mind that viewing of tokens does not guarantee that all token information will be displayed correctly. Please leave your feedback and suggestions and we will keep developing Ethplorer so it can display more information.

You are welcome to discussion it in comments below, fill form by clicking "update" at your token's page or email us to: